My recent consultancy work has been in five main areas:

Identifying Applications
If you are a high-tech company or research lab, and are developing a leading-edge technology, I can help you find applications for it. I can bring to this work an understanding of the needs of your target customer base, gained through extensive and continuing field studies. Also, I’ve had considerable first-hand experience in developing innovative applications of computer graphics, image processing, digital cameras, ubiquitous computing and other technologies. If there’s a killer app, I can help you find it.

Achieving Measurable Performance Gains for Users
People mostly use computers to gain a performance edge — to get more work done, to keep in better touch with others, to avoid forgetting things. They’re often disappointed by new computer products because they see very little performance gain for them, just lot of new functionality. I’ve ten years’ experience of working on this problem. I can help you understand what to measure — the performance criteria that matter to your customers — and how to achieve real improvements for them.

Designing in New Domains
I have a lot of experience of venturing into new domains — new technologies, new user interface designs, new users. I can help you take this kind of “step in the dark.” In particular, I’m experienced in clarifying the underlying concepts of user interfaces and user tasks, making it easier to design the one for the other. I teach the use of a concise “problem statement” to express the user need that the technology will address, and thus get the design onto a sound initial footing.

Evaluating New Designs
I can work with you to ensure your designs are adequately evaluated at key stages of their development. I encourage early evaluation of the user interface with the aid of analytical methods and tools, to avoid disappointment later. I teach these methods, and can also advise and assist on lab tests and field trials of working prototypes.

I have considerable experience in advising high-tech organizations on their strategic development in interactive systems R&D. I can assist with business strategy, training and competence acquisition, recruitment, R&D planning and technical review.

Posted November 19th, 2005 + plink