About William Newman

William Newman

I am a consultant specializing in Interactive System Design. I advise clients on the application, design, evaluation and study of interactive technologies for human use. I work with major IT companies, small innovative firms, research institutes, university departments and professional organizations. I help them in a number of ways:

  • Identifying applications for novel technologies
  • Achieving performance gains and other forms of customer value
  • Designing with new technologies, designing for new users
  • Evaluation, with or without a working prototype
  • Strategic R&D development
  • Conducting research that delivers results
  • Improving the reviewing of conference papers
  • Teaching all of the above, in professional and university courses

In addition to consulting, I have worked as a pioneer in computer graphics research, as a researcher in human-computer interaction (HCI), and as a manager of interactive systems R&D. I have co-authored two successful textbooks, in computer graphics and HCI. I am a member of the ACM’s CHI Academy, and an honorary professor in University College London’s computer science department.

Posted November 19th, 2005 + plink